Remember Romeo?

On Valentines Day Sunday, I had the honor of hearing from good old Romeo again. I haven’t heard from this whack job since I broke it off with him. You know, because he had an open relationship with the mother of his children and was going on a two month hiatus to Bali with them. No big deal.

Romeo was kind enough to email me a copy of his most recent poem. Oddly, it was entitled Valentine Poem. I mean, I have nothing against the dude – everyone has issues and I would be civil to him if I saw him. But buddy, I really don’t have a desire to (1) maintain contact, and (2) read your poems, let alone on Valentine’s Day.

Granted, it was obviously a mass email, but if I can barely comprehend your email prefacing the poem, how in the world would I understand the actual poem?  This is what his email says:

Today is a day for celebrating the Lover and their Beloved–be they: real or imagined; earthly or other-worldly; mortal or divine. May the Bard inside lift to the surface every day.    

Love and Valentine’s Day Greetings,   

I don’t know about you, but I have no clue what a Bard is. What in the world was I thinking even going on a few dates with this dude? He basically speaks another language. Maybe it’s time to up the criteria when choosing which men to date. Understanding them would probably be a good start.


2 Responses to Remember Romeo?

  1. Jen says:

    “The Bard” usually refers to Shakespeare. It’s still a dumb email though.

    PS: Let’s hang out soon.

  2. Nicole says:

    Anyone who uses the word “bard” under any circumstance is trying waaay too hard to impress.

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