happy Valentines Day!

Hi readers! Today is my favorite holiday – Valentine’s Day. In case you can’t sense the sarcasm in that statement, I am being sarcastic. Probably not my favorite holiday, but maybe that’s because I’m usually single. Actually, I take that back. I really don’t mind it so much…the whole idea of love I am generally a fan of. But particularly, I am a huge fan of those Necco Candy Hearts. You know, the ones with the words on each little Necco wafer that used to say things like “fax me” but have evolved over the years to read “tweet me.” I don’t know why, but I love those things. Except that usually when I buy them, they are stale. Maybe that’s saying something about my appeal, not sure.

Necco Candy Hearts

Anyway, today is Valentine’s Day and there is no way to avoid it. I plan to spend it training for the Cherry Blossom, maybe buying some ski gear (Utah trip on Thursday!!!!), doing some laundry and dishes, grocery shopping, and maybe (just maybe), a date later on. We’ll play that one by ear. I say that only because last year I went out with a bunch of my single friends and probably had one of the most legendary nights of the year. Could be because someone was buying us bottles of Moet all night and we were hammered, but we’ll just discount that little fact. Blast.

Regardless, you know it’s a problem when you are having so much fun being single that you have to seriously consider whether or not to go on a date with a guy you like or get trashed with friends. The fact that I am giving up drinking for Lent for the next two months might factor into this decision. However, I am not getting any younger. Maybe it’s time to at least give the “settling down” option a chance. And in the words of me, I will leave you with this quote, one of my sister’s all time favorites:

I think I’m starting to think about settling down.

Happy VDay everyone!

Love and kisses,


One Response to happy Valentines Day!

  1. Jean says:

    YESSSSS!!!!! You touched on both “fax me” and thinking about thinking about things. One of my fave blogs. All time.

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