how about that blizzard?

Yep, it was actually possible. Snowpocalypse ’09 was beaten fair and square by Snowmageddon 2010. Let’s tally the numbers:

16 inches in DC, metro service restored by end of day Monday, Feds off only 1 day (Monday), 1 snowball fight

24 inches in DC, metro service only partly restored by end of day Monday, Feds off 2 days so far (Monday and Tuesday), snowball fights all over the city, downed trees, deaths, power outages, wikipedia entry

Snowmageddon, that shit is impressive! Congratulations to all who survived. Not only that, but we now have The Snowuation that will hit tomorrow at around 1pm. That’s another 10-20 inches they are predicting folks. Ordinarly, I’d hope for the higher end of that spectrum, but I’m scared my roof might collapse. So for pure safety reasons, let’s go with the 10 since we will still likely have Wednesday off anyway.

And now, a few pictures for the history books…

the Dupont Circle snowball fight

victim of Snowmageddon

I'm sorry, did we get a hurricane?

And with that, I’d like to wish you all luck for the Snowfecta tomorrow. Here’s to no work on Wednesday.


2 Responses to how about that blizzard?

  1. Nicole says:

    Does that picture mean you were at the Dupont snowball fight? If so, I’m so jealous. We tried to get a snowball fight going in our neighborhood but there were no takers. Booo!

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