let’s name the snowstorm, shall we?

It’s confirmed. Once I start blogging, I just can’t stop.

A friend at work suggested I write about this “naming” of the storms that’s been occurring here in DC. Snowpocalypse – fine. I can handle that. Aptly named since the Blizzard of ’09 was definitely a rarity, or so we thought. But now there are actually articles, in the Washington Post, no less, soliciting comments on what to call this upcoming storm. Do we have nothing better to write about, WaPo? I can see this being an article in DCist, but WaPo?  Come on now.

So far, the names they are coming up with don’t even come close to Snowpocalypse. Snomgasm? What IS that? SnOMG? We can do better than that. Those are just plain dumb. But I must say, Snowpocalypse was actually pure genious. I think DCist came up with that one. DCist, I love you.

All I can say is that I hope there is another snowball fight at 14 and U on Saturday, since I missed the last one. I’m 100% in for that. If it’s not another mass gathering, maybe my friends will start our own. You guys in? 2pm. Be there. (And yes, I have to say it – please leave your handguns at home).


4 Responses to let’s name the snowstorm, shall we?

  1. Mo says:

    HA! I’m going with SnoWTF!?

  2. Birthday Pete says:

    “The Ovation” is gonna become “The Snovation” this weekend!

  3. Birthday Pete says:

    ps: This Snovation is looking for a Snomance ths weekend…

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