I am a mess

Today, I went to a volunteer orientation for teaching english as a second language (ESL). Been wanting to volunteer my time somewhere since I moved to DC, and am considering a couple of options. So I emailed a woman at a church I’ve been going to which runs an ESL program to get some more information. She directed me to this orientation today. The following conversation, happening as we are all sitting around a table during orientation so everyone can hear, didn’t exactly bump ESL to the top of my list of options…

Woman running program: Sara – you email me? (English is obviously her second language)
Sara: Yes
Woman: And you don’t say hi?????
Sara: Sorry (why I apologized I have no idea, I figured she got emails from everyone at the table but maybe I was wrong.)
Woman: You are a mess!!!
[awkward silence]
Sara: I am a mess??? (flabbergasted…had no idea how to respond to this)
Woman: I was kidding.
[Conversation abruptly comes to a halt]

So apparently guys, I am a mess. As if I didn’t know this before, it is now confirmed by the woman running the ESL program. FML


2 Responses to I am a mess

  1. Wheels says:

    My mom teaches ESL classes so if you need lesson plans, etc… let me know

  2. Mo says:

    Actually, I taught ESL at Catholic Charities. They always need volunteers. Not sure about this “you are a mess” lady! haha

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