Real World DC – episode 4 download

While I might be slightly embarrassed that I enjoy a good McDonald’s two cheeseburger meal, I am even more embarrassed that I have been watching Real World DC. But let’s just be clear; I am only watching it because I live here. For those of you in DC who have not taken the time to watch this yet, you actually should. Seeing the cast tour our town is actually pretty amusing. And oh my goodness – the trip to Nellie’s? HILARIOUS!!!

But I just have to say this – this Andrew cat is funny. Dude is weird. Basically, the entire episode was about him trying to get some ass; his attempts and failures. Exaggerating his date with a girl, he explains their romp in the park to a roommate as,

We went to the park, made love under the shade of the trees, amongst the birds and the squirrels [pause]…and the homeless.

I’m sorry, but that had me laughing out loud. Living in DC and hanging out in Dupont Circle on a fairly regular basis, I can very much appreciate that comment. Can’t wait to read the DCist summary of this ep, as it seems there were a few good quotes displayed. Here are some other classics from Andrew in the confessional:

“It’s hard to seal the deal in this town.” (Actually confirmed by a number of my guy friends)
“If we just lay there, maybe out of boredom or something, maybe she’ll just [pause]…give it up.”
“I didn’t get to sleep once. I laid there, thinking about [pause]…my boner.”
“As a country, why can’t we come up with something better [pause]…than spooning!” (Since we’re here, should we take this issue up with Congress?)

As you can see, Andrew tends to pause before [pause]…delivering the punch line. Oh look, he met the girl at Sweetgreen. There’s a shocker. Oh look, they are going to Russia House. Another shocker. Funny, there’s a scene of them at the Capitol Skyline Hotel pool. Stunning! Oh and did I mention my thoughts on Ty? Hot. I’m sure that comes as a surprise to you. Also, glad to see Josh finally saying a few words in this episode. I was beginning to think MTV was hiding him, only to use him as a puppet to dance around, wear sunglasses inside, and act like he’s cool. I was starting to think he was mute.

I am also sad to admit that a few months ago, I just happened to be walking by 20 and S, since it’s my hood [pause]…and I took a stalker pic. Here it is:

Real World DC house

Thanks, been wanting to get rid of that one for a while. And on a final note, they all went to dinner at Big Hunt one night (of all places), and got drunk hecklers?!?! This is great DC. I love it. Surprised that MTV actually displayed the hatred this city has shown them. Hope you guys had an enjoyable stay!

One Response to Real World DC – episode 4 download

  1. Nicole says:

    I can’t seem to figure out when it comes on but, I admit, if I see Real World is on, I turn to it. But, like you, ONLY because it’s in DC. It’s cool to see our good ole DC showcased.

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