the McDonald’s two cheeseburger meal

I am happy to report that right now, as we speak, I am eating a McDonald’s two cheeseburger meal. I know what you all are thinking; that this is not something I should be bragging about. But I was in the cafeteria earlier, and saw someone with fries. This immediately redirected my thoughts to McDonald’s fries, which in my mind, are the best fries on the planet. And once I get an idea for food in my head, there is no way I will stop craving it until the craving is quenched. So here we are. Happily taking a break from the “hell week” mayhem to eat my McDonald’s two cheeseburger meal, the only worthwhile meal on the menu.

You may not even know that this meal exists. But oh, it does, it’s just not publicized given the other valid options that will fit on the display screen. Upon creation of the Big N’ Tasty (whatever that is), they had to bump the poor little two cheeseburger meal off. But one just has to do a little searching, and you will find it. In fact, I just had a fairly length discussion about the merits of the meal and why it wasn’t on the menu with the cashier. And if someone at the register claims there is no meal, they clearly need an advanced tutorial on McDonald’s meal options.

Now, I know this probably wasn’t the healthiest lunch choice. Really, I could have drank a cup of vegetable oil and that probably would have been healthier. In fact, I was almost embarrassed to walk back into the building carrying a McDonald’s bag. But upon sinking my teeth into that cheeseburger, all regrets vanished. After all, in times of stress, what is a girl to do? Eat, and eat poorly, of course. Even if it negates the two runs and round of tennis from last weekend.

Here are the nutrition facts for McDonald’s. To my amazement, the cheeseburger actually isn’t that bad for you! (maybe I shouldn’t have looked this up). Perhaps 19 grams of fat in the fries isn’t so reputable. Oh well, I just cut a few years off my life. What are you gonna do.


2 Responses to the McDonald’s two cheeseburger meal

  1. Mo says:

    I buy the same meal but two hamburgers (hold the cheese). I usually eat one and give the other one to my dog. It’s his favorite treat! haha

  2. Rachna says:

    I love the two cheeseburger meal – but haven’t had it in ages b/c I only see it random restaurants! Good to know it’s just hiding!

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