DC Professionals in the City at it again

Just received an email from DC Professionals in the City notifying me of the most recent installment of speed dating. I literally phhhhhh’ed outloud upon receiving it, as this time, miraculously, they are lacking in women.

Twentysomethings Singles Seated Four Minute Dating (More Women Needed)

Maybe this is because the women have caught on that there are whackos out there who participate in these things; for example, Sketchy Suit Guy.  However, it was this line in the email that got me:

During our Four Minute Dating Singles Party, you’ll date for approximately one hour, meeting intriguing members of the opposite sex- spend four sweet minutes with each new acquaintance.

“Four sweet minutes?” Oh yes, those four minutes are sweet. Sweet enough for me to skip out on a few of them and head straight to the bar.

Also, another important point to ponder:

Tonight, we are focusing this event on our Twentysomething members! Anyone is welcome, but this event is primarily for people who want to meet Twentysomething members of Professionals in the City.

So what you are telling me is that if I went to this again, I’d actually be hitting my ‘target’ age bracket (since apparently I have a thing for guys in their 20’s). I realize the intent to focus on your twentysomething members, but really, when you add that “anyone is welcome,” you can pretty much expect to see 40-50 year olds along with those in their 20’s. Have fun with that, ladies and gents!

Thanks DC Profs in the City, I needed this laugh.


One Response to DC Professionals in the City at it again

  1. Mo says:

    HAHA.. I had a Match date last night and he told me he was thinking of doing this. I told him our stories… very amusing.

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