updates to the U Street restaurant and bar scene

I’m taking a break from grieving over Haiti to let my U Street people know that a new French restaurant/bar has opened at 13th and U. Thanks to urbandaddy for the tip. Apparently its in place of the old Axis. Being as observant as I am, I haven’t even noticed it even though I walk by every day. The name is Bistro la Bonne, and I definitely plan to check it out. When I do, I will try to write up a review. Having gone to Paris a few years ago and witnessing original French food firsthand (I was less than impressed), I don’t exactly have high expectations for the place. The wine, however, I am looking forward to. Also, if they (or anyone in this city for that matter) could replicate the crepes that are served in Paris, I would be incredibly happy. I’d also love to recreate the French restaurant ambiance with some outdoor seating in the dead of winter and three hour meals every night, with no rush to get out. Ahhh, Paris.

On a related front, ACKC, the chocolate bar at 14th and Church, has opened a wine bar. I haven’t even been to ACKC yet, but that sounds dangerous.


One Response to updates to the U Street restaurant and bar scene

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh please do post a review after you’ve tried the food. If it’s good, I’ll have to check it out. Like you, I’m especially interested in the wine.

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