I really don’t know where some people get the nerve

So I was just on a conference call at work, a fairly important one I might add, as we are in the height of some pretty busy times here this month. Cube Guy decided to show up today, and actually had the audacity to come over to my cube while I was on the phone and ask me to turn down the volume. Are you kidding me buddy? All day we listen to you talk at the top of your lungs about personal matters, and you have the audacity to come ask me to tone it down a bit when I am on a quick 10 minute work-related phone call? This guy can’t be serious. A co-worker was also on the call with me in my cube, and Cube Guy definitely saw me roll my eyes at him and look at him in utter horror when he asked me to tone it down. This sh*t cannot be for real. I know dude’s entire life story as he is on the phone constantly talking about taking care of his parents, his mother’s menstrual cycle, bailing his ex-girlfriend out of prison, you name it – I have heard it. It is actually a wonder that he showed up today and I haven’t heard much out of him other than him talking down to someone about how his computer is not working, along with a nice hearty belch. This guy is absolutely ridiculous.

Just an FYI, according to Cube Guy, one side effect of narcotics is that it slows down your bowels. Good to know.


One Response to I really don’t know where some people get the nerve

  1. Rachel says:

    Perhaps the next time he decides to rip one in his cube, you could kindly ask him to keep it down. Just a thought.

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