What do you think of the new background?

For one reason or another, I have gotten a ton of hits recently on this blog.  I’M FAMOUS!!! (just kidding). But on that note, and in order to keep appearances up, I’d like you all to weigh in on whether or not you like the new background. Had a minor blogging emergency yesterday whereby my administrators and I had to make some revisions to the page (not to worry, the problem has since been remedied). The new background has a little more color than the last option, although that one may have been more reader friendly. Only thing I really don’t like about this option is how the caption under the swan pic isn’t clear, since it explains the rationale behind posting it and adds some comedy to the picture (as if a mere profile pic of a swan was not enough). Also, I don’t like to frequently change backgrounds because I feel that my readers get comfortable with one background. Generally, people don’t like change. Or maybe it’s just me who just doesn’t like change? Regardless, please let me know your thoughts. I know you all have been mulling it over at home.


3 Responses to What do you think of the new background?

  1. Shamone says:

    Blogging emergency?!?! What on earth could that have been?

    The background is ok. There was a study on website colors and brown backgrounds was the least successful for online sales. Good thing you aren’t trying to peddle your wares here.

    • Sara says:

      Shamone, I feel like I know you. And I think you know what blogging emergency I am referring to…lol

      thanks for the heads up on the brown, duly noted.

  2. Shamone says:

    I have an idea on what the emergency was. Let’s just hope that it wasn’t noticed by any creepers. That was definitely “do’h” instead of a “phhh”.


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