Windy DC = garbage all over the city

So yesterday I mentioned the cold, but have you seen this wind? It is now not only horrendous outside, but downright unpleasant. Usually I work up a sweat walking in my big puffy coat to work. Not today. Today I had to pretty much de-thaw upon entering the building. So I’m walking down T Street to the metro this morning, and notice garbage strewn everywhere along the sidewalk and street. Figure one garbage can blew over from the wind. I keep walking and notice more and more garbage in lawns and just all over the place. Turn the corner onto 13th street and then see the culprit is not one, but every garbage can in the vicinity. Garbage cans on lawns, in the street, I even saw a newspaper rack knocked to its feet. This wind is pretty impressive. Does anyone else find these pictures amusing?


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