shooting yourself in the foot > dealing with Verizon Fios

The highlight of the drive home to CT for Christmas was my sister, Jean, duking it out with Verizon Fios.  I haven’t had that kind of good laugh in a while.  Long story short, my sister had some serious issues with their customer service.  I for one, found it odd when Verizon Fios called me a few times, leaving a message that they would be coming to my apartment to fix some problem I had called about.  Being in DC and forced to utilize the monopoly that is Comcast, I figured they just had a wrong number.  Well I happened to pick up one day when they called, and realized that they were actually calling for my sister.  People do mistake Jean and I constantly, but this was a new low.  How they got my number we have no idea.  Regardless, I play along, and ask the date and times that she should be available for when they stop by to fix the issue.  They give me the date, and then tell me that they are giving her/me an ALL DAY window for when they should stop by.  Now, normally service technicians will tell you to be home from 8-11 or 4-8.  But ALL DAY?!!!  Are you kidding me with that window?  I was dumbfounded and literally laughed at them when they told me this.  This, in fact, wholeheartedly called for a phhhhhhh.

But that isn’t the best part of the story.  Each time they would tell my sister to be home on one of these days to fix her internet service, giving her the all day window no less, they neglected to show up, but recorded that they did show up.  This started back in August.  After a while of wasting entire days waiting around for them to show, Jean just gave up trying and thus has not had internet service from August through December.  And of course they still tried to charge her, not believing that she didn’t have service during this period.  I remember on numerous occasions over the summer I would ask her to do something, and each time she told me she had to wait at home for Verizon Fios to show.  I and other friends were repeatedly dumbfounded that she was still dealing with them.

Example email chain:

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 11:48 AM, Sara wrote:
Anyone up for Sunday brunch at Beacon Hotel this weekend?  I’ve been meaning to check it out.  Unlimited mimos and bloody’s!
(still have yet to check this out if anyone is interested)
On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 12:15 PM, Jean wrote:
ugh can’t waiting for f’ing verizon to come repair my services…again!!! have fun though!
On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 2:58 PM, Karch wrote:
Jean….really?? that shit has been broken since july or something…get it together!

So here I am, driving, and Jean is on the phone for 45 minutes with these people.  She has called so many times that she is on a first name basis with the Arlington President.  “I’ll just call Marty,” was threatened a few times when Marty’s minion wasn’t doing much to help the cause.  Jean was getting so worked up, laughing at how absurd the whole thing was, that the entire right side of the car was fogging up.  I’m just driving along, dying laughing during the whole conversation.  Other things uttered in exasperation were “I feel like I just have a big X marked across my forehead,” “I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than deal with Verizon Fios again,” and “I feel like I’m losing my mind.”  The kicker was that despite what she has dealt with already, Marty’s minion had the audacity to ask her to go back to her old apartment (likely another all day window where they would not show up), so that they could get proof that her internet connection was broken.

Jean – “but I don’t live there anymore.”  Repeat x3.

Apparently her and her boyfriend (Dave) calling 10,000 times was just for kicks and was not enough proof.  If they weren’t able to come out again, they were planning to charge her the full amount for internet service she didn’t have for five months.  Pure brilliance.  Picture me crying in the drivers seat.

I know people complain about Comcast, but never in my life have I heard of worst customer service than what she has dealt with at Verizon Fios.  At least it has given me some decent blogging material.  Moral of the story: if you are debating between Verizon Fios and some other service provider, remember that you will likely waste entire days waiting for them per their all day window, and even then, they will probably not show up.  Better off going with that other provider, for pure sanity’s sake.


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