metro blogging material is endless

I’m blogging on the metro. I am sitting in the handicap seats, obviously. Dude across from me is blatantly picking his nose. This is no average pick. He must be digging for gold or something. My guess is that he ate it too, but I’m not entirely certain; the dig was so disgusting that I had to look away. He also makes this odd grunting noise every 10 seconds or so. Perhaps he actually belongs in the handicap seats. Or shall I call them seats for retarded people?

By the way, have any of my DC readers been graced with the presence of this one highly entertaining metro driver? I was just on his train. He is so excited about driving the train; always livens up the commute. It usually goes something like this “orange line train to Vieeennnnaaa.” He talks like a gameshow host or something. I suppose riding metro can sometimes be like a game with the randomness that happens on it, so that is fitting. Just glad he wasn’t one of the drivers axed for the many metro issues of 2009.


One Response to metro blogging material is endless

  1. Mo says:

    OMG yes I know that guy! He’s hilarious! Always brightens up the day. Also, at least be glad you don’t have a metro stalker. I had one once.. no fun at all.. had to keep watching my back everytime I got on the train.. so annoying.

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