please clean the sidewalks

Is DC kidding with how poorly the sidewalks are shoveled?  Are they trying to kill off pedestrians? I’m going to guess that in fact, yes, they are trying to kill us, after I almost assed out while walking up 16th street last night.   It is mindboggling to me that the sidewalks and roads aren’t even cleaned yet.  I mean, we aren’t in Vermont folks!  The storm wasn’t so bad that you can’t clean up the sidewalks with a simple snowblower.  Granted, we probably don’t have the funds to get a lot of this type of machinery since these snowstorms aren’t happening all that often.  Even so, it’s just not safe.  And need I mention that the storm occured on Saturday, and it is now Wednesday.  This stuff should be cleaned up by now.  Just some points to ponder.

random snowpile in the middle of an intersection:

16th Street, NW sidewalk, extremely safe when icy…

Good luck out there folks.


One Response to please clean the sidewalks

  1. Deb MArciano says:

    THANK you Sara FOR SHARING! that was So GREAT!!!

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