fantasy football

Pretty sure I’m done with fantasy football.  A friend and I created a league a few years ago, but since then he’s been banished for trying to make an ill-advised trade, a new commissioner has taken over, and I’ve gone from horrible to actually pretty decent in a span of about five years.  My team name has gone from the Chodesters to Palatial Regalia. Clearly, as soon as I made the name change, my fantasy football stock went up exponentially.  I mean, I’ve gotten into the regalias the past two years without a problem.

My point is that now I’m just kind of sick of it.  Not living in Atlanta anymore, I can’t really say that I have a team to follow.  And following the Redskins just isn’t happening.  I haven’t even watched much NFL this year, so it’s tough to stay up on what’s going on in the fantasy world.  Sure you can read articles by The Talented Mr. Roto, but research is so time consuming.  Plus once they blocked everything at work, it is really tough to find the time to make changes to the lineup.  Lord help me if they block wordpress, then I’ll really have nothing to do.

So this year my team, Palatial Regalia, was #1 for a good five or six weeks.  Pretty palatial.  But, life got in the way, and I think I forgot to check my lineup prior to the games one week, so gradually slid to the #4 position.  Last week, as you know, we were dealing with the move and the blizzard of ’09.  So, naturally, I completely forgot to change my team.  I finally remembered last night during Monday Night Football, only to logon and see that I had lost in the first round of the playoffs by 10 points.  Awesome.  If only I had checked my team on Thursday, perhaps I would have realized (1) that the playoffs were going on, (2) that I was in the playoffs, and (3) that I should be making some necessary changes in order to get to the championship game.  Afterall, I could really use some extra cash.  Nope, totally forgot.  I think my fantasy football days are numbered.


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