mass hysteria in DC

Are you all bracing yourself for one of the top 5 storms in DC history?  12-24 inches they are now calling for.  I love how the accumulation keeps increasing.  And if you haven’t done so already, make sure you get to the grocery store and stock up on milk, eggs, toilet paper, and other items you can’t live without for a day.  It will definitely be entertaining to see how DC reacts to this.  I bet they are already salting the roads.

I myself plan to pack a bag and weekend in Arlington, like old times.  For one, Arlington just gets better snow than DC does, it seems.  Plus, they have hills.  Which means maybe I can go sledding or something on Sunday.  My friends are pretty nutty, so I don’t see why not.  But the real reason I am going there is to help my sister move all day tomorrow.  Mind you, they are predicting the worst snowfall from 7am to 7pm, which is exactly when we will be moving.  So this should be a real joy.  I guess as long as it revolves around snowball fights, we should be fine. 

All I can say is that I’m going to be very disappointed if we don’t get at least a good 12 inches.  I’ve definitely never seen that yet here and sometimes I do miss it.  So good luck DC, and look out for thundersnow.  We’ll chat on Monday.


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