iPhone vs. the Droid

“Droid does.”  ha – that just popped into my head.  Recently a few friends and I have been duking it out over the merits of the iPhone vs. the new Android.  Now clearly, the Droid’s Verizon network is far superior than the iPhone’s AT&T network.  That is a given.  But the merits of the Droid over the iPhone?  That I’m not so sure about.  Two people I know now have switched from the iPhone to the new Droid, and rave about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played around with the Droid and believe it to be a quality phone, but I’m not so sure we can say it beats the iPhone yet.  Sure it has the GPS and syncs all your contacts on facebook to your contact list.  Some claim the Droid is faster than the 3Gs.  I’m sure Apple will one-up the Droid soon with some new development to make up for these flaws.  Really though, I think the main reason my friends rave about the Droid compared to the iPhone is because Verizon is hands down better than AT&T, but who am I to say.

That being said, someone just sent me an article entitled “iPhone Users are Delusional, Consultants Say.”  They compare iPhone users to Scientologists.  Interesting.  Have you seen these Scientologists on the streets of DC waving people down with masks on? These people must have a screw loose.  I knew I was obsessed with my phone but now it is all a little bit clearer…I really am a little bit nutty.


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