still no clue who Jenn Chuli is. I actually did a little digging on her profile when we were friends (I have since deleted her), only to find that she is friends with another Jenn Chuli! What are the chances there are two Jenn Chuli’s and they both know each other? hmm..something is shady. Perhaps she married into the Chuli family at some point and this is her now cousin? Fishy. I looked at the other Jenn Chuli’s pics, and I have no clue who she is. If it is the same girl as the Jenn Chuli who friended me, then I don’t know Jenn Chuli. So I emailed Jenn Chuli and asked who she is. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. You just can’t trust the internets these days. Better safe than sorry.

2 Responses to update

  1. Jean says:

    Is she by chance related to Natalie Diggs?

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