infomercial goodies

So let’s discuss some new products on the market. Shoutout to JK for bringing some of these items to my attention. Let’s go through a brief list of the latest and greatest.
The Snuggie
Okay, so maybe this isn’t the latest and greatest.  By now, most of you have probably heard of this wonderful product. Snuggies are an interesting invention. Instead of using a simple blanket, The Snuggie allows you to be completely surrounded by fleece blanket warmth, at all times. There is an opening for the head and arms so that you can actually wear this piece of blanket/clothing around the house. Not a bad idea. Admittedly, it does look incredibly comfortable. Recently, I have been hearing more and more about DC Snuggie Bar Crawls, in which all members of the crawl wear their Snuggie during the crawl. Man, as if people don’t already have enough reason to drink, now they have invented more reason to go out and get hammered, while flaunting your Snuggie. Sounds delightful. phhhhhhh
If you haven’t seen The Snuggie, here it is:

The Blanket With Sleeves!

For a limited time only, you can go to the official Snuggies website ( and buy one, get the second half off for the amazing deal of $19.99. Christmas gifts anyone? Actually, this might be a great idea for the many white elephants I am being subjected to this year. Something tells me that it would go quickly.

The Dreamie
Now, on top of the Snuggie, we now have The Dreamie. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

“It’s Not a Sheet, Not a Blanket, It’s the Original DREAMIE…”

Now if that isn’t a line that will grab you, I don’t know what will. With the Dreamie, you can have the comfort of your bed wherever you go. Unlike The Snuggie, it is not something you can wear. You can only use it while lounging around since it doesn’t have holes for arms and legs; it is basically a sleeping bag. It’s a top sheet, a bottom sheet, and a pillow pocket ALL IN ONE! Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t know if I want to feel like I’m in bed at all times. If I’m in my bed, I’m not all that productive. If I end up laying in bed for more than half an hour after I wake up on a Saturday morning, I feel like I need to make a move before I lose my mind of boredom. Unless, of course, I am hungover. Then, the Dreamie might actually be perfect. However, usually I just feel extremely lazy if I haven’t done anything by noon on a weekend day. Now, do you want to feel like you want to pass out and sleep all day while wearing The Dreamie? I’m not sure that is something I want, unless I am looking to become a couch potato and gain about 20 pounds. However, they do note that it is great for traveling. This has some merit, at least for me. When sleeping in someone else’s bed, I sometimes will get grossed out by other’s sheets, provided I can’t confirm that they were cleaned prior to utilizing them. In this instance, The Dreamie would actually be perfect.  Here are some action pics:

The Comfort of Your Bed Wherever You Go!

Woe!  Upon checking the website, the Dreamie is also being offered at the mere price of $19.99, and two for one!  What a steal!  The more I think about the pros/cons, I might actually invest. You can invest too at

Next up, we have…

The Necky
Okay are you kidding me with this thing?  This must be a joke.  What are they going to come up with next?  The Headie, The Footie, The Leggie?  I like how they switched it up this time though, using the “y” instead of the “ie.”  Way to maintain some anonymity Necky.  Clever.

The Winter Cold Has Met Its Match!

This product doesn’t have any merit.  You really couldn’t pay me to buy this thing.  Why not just invest in a scarf?  Scarves look a lot better too.  Oh wait!  I see where they get you.  This product is actually available at only $9.95, and guess what?  It’s buy one get one free as well. Shocking.

Last but certainly not least, I bring you…

The Softie
We are back to “ie,” The Necky clearly has one-upped the other products on originality. At $29.99, and no two for one deal, this product is a bit more expensive than the previous three. And I don’t think it’s as popular since it doesn’t appear to have it’s own website. This is a 3-in-1; a blanket, a throw, and a wrap all in one. It is not made of fleece material, but has more of a down feel. Unfortunately, I’m not terribly clear on what this product actually is.

It appears to only be available at Sears. Buy it before it sells out!


3 Responses to infomercial goodies

  1. JK says:

    if the softie comes with the redhead, i’ll take 10!

    if anyone goes out and buys any of these products b/c of your blog, you should totally start putting ads on here!

  2. Dan says:

    Dear Sara,

    You have too much time on your hands 🙂

    Best Regards,


  3. Jean says:

    I think mom has a softie.

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