DC transience

I am really missing Laura these days.  If you don’t recall, Laura is the co-worker who was in the cube next to me, but moved away a few months ago to South Carolina.  What a void she has left.  I just received an email from her, at just the right time, and it definitely brightened my day a little.  Not that it’s been a horrible day, just a frustrating one.  I should have realized her absense would be difficult when she finally delivered the news a few months ago that she had officially gotten the job offer.  I was kind of embarassed about it, but I was surprised to find myself tearing up, and on numerous occassions!!!!  I mean, I do like most of the people I work with, but none of them were Laura.  She just really livened things up around here with her sense of humor and our gab sessions.  Sigh…

Luckily, and knock on wood, I haven’t lost too many friends yet to moving.  DC is known to be a pretty transient city and I can see why – there really is only so much your psyche can take of this madness.  Work hard, play hard.  That is basically how it goes.  I do love the city, but I can see how it could wear on you too. 

Okay, I guess I will go back to work.  Then, it’s off to happy hour.  Just kidding – gym actually.  I am working toward not playing as hard as I used to.  Otherwise, this city might just get the best of me.


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