Question:  how are you gonna be an HOUR late to someone’s place when they are cooking you dinner?  Seriously?  When he arrives, I may just send him back home.  That is how annoyed I am right now.  I can handle fifteen minutes, even half an hour if you have a viable excuse.  But an hour?!  Seriously??!!!!  SERIOUSLY??!!!  Mind you, I may be a bit on the tipsy side right now. That is only because I haven’t eaten all day, minus the bowl of cereal I had this morning.  The meal calls for wine, so I threw a cup in the crock pot and poured myself a glass.  At this point, it’s been two glasses since it’s now AN HOUR past when this person was supposed to arrive.  I have literally been working my a off cooking all day, because I’m on this new cooking kick.  And I’m finally actually cooking for someone, so figured I’d outdo myself.  So what thanks do I get?  An hour late. In two minutes, it’ll be OVER an hour.  I am ravenous right now.  Whatever semblance of a chance this boy (and I emphasize boy here) had is now completely shot.  We won’t go into why I invited this certain individual over, or his background, cause that makes the reason he is now late all the better, but I wish I could.  But I mean, really?  Yep, I’m definitely tipsy.  Figured why not blog about it while I’m waiting.  I think I’m just going to start eating by myself.  This is ridiculous.

P.S.  I put the category as “dating,” but I am definitely not dating this idiot.

3 Responses to cooking

  1. Jen says:

    Unacceptable. Him showing up late, not you drinking. I like the drinking part. Please supply deets as to why you invited him over, his background, etc. later???

  2. Mo says:

    haha I was going to text you to see how it went. This is even funnier than I expected.. haha

  3. […] off what I’ve cooked the past three Sundays – chili (the all day cooking affair for my late guest last week) and two chicken dishes in the crock pot. Obviously these were not difficult to make. He […]

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