Throwback blog – Shrimp

Sorry guys, lacking in material at the moment.  So here’s a throwback for you.  This was the one Mo mentioned in one of her comments earlier – dated September 26, 2006, worked in a law firm at the time….

I’m still at the office (surprise surprise) at 8pm, when I realize I am starving and that there are luckily some leftover sandwiches in the kitchen.  So I just bit into, chewed, and swallowed what I thought was an egg salad sandwich, until I realized the texture wasn’t what I had anticipated and that something was off.  I thought to myself – was a worm left in this thing by mistake?

Flashback:  for those of you who are unfamiliar with my past, my mother once made a BLT for me when I was a child.  We grew our own lettuce back then (yes, I pretty much grew up in farmville).  So I opened up the sandwich before I sank my teeth into it, and to this day I have no idea what provoked me to actually look inside of it first.  Luckily I did, only to find a huge green worm that kind of blended in with the lettuce in my sandwich.  So now I’m pretty much traumatized as far as the whole sandwich eating thing goes.

Back to the issue at hand.  Yeah so I realize the texture is slightly ‘off’ in what I thought was an egg salad sandwich.  So I open up the sandwich, all the while having flashbacks to the worm incident, and realize I had just not only put in my mouth, but actually chewed on and swallowed…dare I say it…shrimp!!!

I don’t do shrimp.  The texture makes me want to gag.  Luckily I did not start profusely vomiting or anything of that nature.  I was actually pretty impressed with myself that I was able to chew on, and after that, actually swallow the thing without realizing it.  However, I will never EVER do it again.  The thought of that thing inside of me right now is making me nauseous.

My mother also made grilled cheese once without the cheese.  And you wonder where I get it from.  Love you Mom  🙂


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