late night in the office

What are the chances that I would be here at 9pm on a Monday night and Cube guy is here too, after a month long haitus?  Does he really need to stay till 9pm?  What the eff is he doing here besides blabbing on the phone till the wee hours of the evening?  The better question here probably is – do I really need to stay here till 9pm?  Right now I’m listening to him fight with his daughter on the phone.  He also has a new iPhone and I know this because he has picked the worst ring you could possibly choose, that I only use as an alarm if extremely necessary.  An alarm as your ringtone?  Seriously?  I may go crazy if people keep calling this guy.  WOW.  He’s now arguing with his daughter.  She is so loud that I can hear her on the line.  He just hung up on her.  Pure enjoyment on a Monday night in the office.  9pm.  Gotta love budget season.


3 Responses to late night in the office

  1. H1Nothankyou says:

    what is a haitus? can we hait on him some more?

  2. H1Nothankyou says:

    btw what is his cell phone number? im going to call it repeatedly to get to you, yep

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