The joys of public transportation

Hello. And happy Thanksgiving! So I got up at the ass crack of dawn this morning. Well actually two hours before the ass crack of dawn, if you can believe that. All for my mother’s turkey dinner, and of course the quality time with friends and fam that comes along with it. Train left DC at 6:20am. Now if that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will, because I am simply just not a morning person. All in the name of my favorite meal of all time – turkey dinner. :-D. So the trip so far has generally been smooth sailing. I slept all the way to NYC, only waking up a few times. Such as when the smelliest girl on the train decided to take up the seat next to me. She’s fine, except that she wreaks. I know this was an early train dear, but you maybe would have wanted to jump into the shower first. At least a Puerto Rican shower, deoderant, something! I wonder if her parents will tell her that she smells when she gets home. I mean this is ridiculous. Okay so I sleep through the smell, thankfully. Luckily the stench isn’t so bad when she’s passed out and her arms are down. In fact, right now she is sitting up passed out facing the sky with her mouth wide open. Something about this makes me want to take a picture and post it, but that would be really mean. She looks kinda like the little girl from Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger.

Anyway, one would think this would be the only thing I have to deal with on this particular train ride. Nope. I did manage to get a seat on the quiet car, and you just gotta love the loud ass New Yorkers boarding and making a huge scene. As we speak, they are still talking. Hello – quiet car! But that isn’t the kicker. We are speeding on by the City, and naturally, Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z pops in my head. Oh, great idea! I’ll listen to my iPod. Snap in the headphones to my iPhone, pull up some Jay-Z, but something is not right. The sound is all muffled. Fearing for the worst, I try to play a few different songs. No good. Doing some further investigation, I inspect the wire attached to the headset. My worst fears are confirmed. There is dried up puke on the headphones. Which means the headphones were in my ears, and the wire was attached to the phone, so the puke has also touched my hands, ears, and phone. You can imagine that I am a bit grossed out. Why is there puke on my headphones? Now taking a few steps back, you may recall that during my flight home from Scottsdale a few days ago, the woman in the seat next to me had a heart attack and was puking all over the place. When I came back from utilizing the lavoratories, she was falling over so we put her on her seat and then she promptly started puking while passed out. Since she had sat down and had the aisle seat, I could not get back in. To stay out of the way, I went and stood back with Hung and Linda for about half an hour. However, when I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, I had placed my phone, headphones attached, and other items that I was using on my seat, not anticipating that the woman next to me would have a heart attack while I was up and projectile vomit all over the place. So, there you have it. Puke on my expensive headphones that I will now be throwing out, and Lord knows where else the vomit landed. The woman in the window seat did tell me that while I was up, she was lucky enough to get some all over her leg. Good times. Do I need to throw out my iPhone too? This is so damn disgusting that I might have to consider it. I’m sitting here typing but all I can think about is washing my hands and getting off this train. Regardless, I do feel for the lady and hope that she’s okay. Obviously she didn’t mean to do that and didn’t even remember it anyway. But I seriously have the worst luck…what are the chances that I am the one stuck in the seat next to this woman? Pretty high I guess, cause I’m Sara. Granted I did just win a raffle drawing at work, but got stuck with the teddy bear while the other winners claimed gift certificates to Cactus Cantina and Starbucks.

The girl in the seat next to me is eating a rotten banana. Dude the whole thing is brown…I don’t see one glimpse of yellow on there honey. At least it’s drowning out her smelly armpits. It’s so rotten that she then started licking the peel to get the remaining juices. Apparently if a banana is so old that it turns to juice – didn’t know that. The guy on the other side of her also watched this scene unfold with amusement. Good times.

Okay so we are almost to New Haven! Rejoice! Can’t wait to wash these hands, or scrub them I should say. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Despite my ranting and raving, I know that I have a lot to be thankful for in my life – healthy family, great friends, and just a great life overall. And of course my loyal readers (you would fall into that friend category), love you too. I hope everyone takes a step back today and takes some time to think about all they have in life and all they are thankful for. Granted life can be tough sometimes (example lady who had a heart attack on the plane), but my thinking is that it’s nothing you can’t handle and it’ll only make you stronger. If God brought you to it, he’ll get you through it. Thanksgiving is a great holiday and this is one of the reasons – it gives us a chance to sit back and reflect. Enjoy the day!

4 Responses to The joys of public transportation

  1. Jean says:

    Good one, Sara! Very insightful 🙂

  2. JK says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! gobble gobble

  3. Dan says:

    Interesting story as always! Should have coordinated our tickets..I left on the 5:25am train from DC

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