the pleasures of pix messaging

While we’re discussing 21, I’d like to bring up the topic of inappropriate text messages.   You see, the night I met 21 at the infamous SBR, I also met his best friend.   Dude was a bit creepy, but I was nice to him simply because he was 21’s best friend.   Whenever 21 wasn’t around, and actually even when he was, best friend would hit on me.   Even though this kid was a bit older at 24, obviously that did not make it right.   Now I can’t remember if this happened before or after 21 and I stopped talking, but one time best friend and I were texting for some reason, and next thing I know he texts me a picture of his penis.   Totally out of the blue.  Have you ever gotten this before ladies?  Quite a treat.   I know my little sister Liv has received one or two in her time.   Anyway, this one was special because not only was it fairly large, but you could see he was pleasuring himself in front of the computer because the penis was found over the keyboard.  Come to think of it, I still have the phone where the infamous penis pic can be found.  I would post it, since he clearly deserved something like that, but this is not a porn site so I will spare you.  I mean, seriously who does this happen to?  And why in the world would this character think I actually wanted to see a pic of his penis?  Did I give off the impression that I was looking for that little mid day pick-me-up?  I am pretty sure the old phone is in storage, otherwise I would find the chain of events that led him to send me a pic of himself jerking off.  I still remember being befuddled as to what exactly would prompt that.  I know I wasn’t provoking it.  In fact, I remember being at work at the time, minding my own business and receiving it randomly.  Picture me sitting in my office just going about the day, and BAM.  Penis.  Goodness.


2 Responses to the pleasures of pix messaging

  1. dgiambarresi says:

    You are ridickulous…bahahaha

  2. pp apologist says:

    An unsolicited cock shot… lies.

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