Throwback blog post – Gotta Love the Metro

My sister asked that I copy and paste some Myspace throwback blog posts.  This was my first blog dated May 27, 2006 called “Gotta Love the Metro”…

I had a wonderful metro experience today that I figured I’d share with you all.  Stuck underground during rush hour for an apparent ’emergency situation’ in which they had to ‘single track’ (what in the h*ll does that even mean?) for a good, say, 45 minutes.  Wouldn’t be so bad if I had a seat or it wasn’t rush hour, because you have to love people with horrendous breath literally breathing in your face and not being able to move out of the way because there literally is no where to move to.  Good luck claustrophobics.

However, this does not top my all-time favorite metro story.  There is of course the obvious young men pushing old women out of the way to be the first one on the train and people sticking their hands in the door at the last minute to slow everything down despite the next train coming in 2 minutes.  And I love it when you have the good spot leaning against the wall and get out at a stop to let people out and in, only to have that person you just let in take over your spot.  But my favorite was when I was standing next to someone who was standing up grading papers (my guess is that she was a teacher or professor of some sort).  The train suddenly jerked violently (shocking, I know) and next thing I know, her blue pen had stabbed me in the forearm, only to leave a large pen mark there.  I would have accepted a simple apology for this rare occassion, however, the woman simply looked at my arm and then went back to grading papers without even acknowledging the fact that she had just written all over me.  So that leads me to an entirely new blog for a future date…Rude DC People.  Stay tuned my friends….


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