Asian mix-up x2

Alex just confused Felipe and Big D again (two of my Asian friends).  Please see previous post “All Asians Look Alike.”  Good times.

OH – while we’re on the topic of Asians, it has recently come to my attention that Big D may have “let me win” our little armwrestling match over the summer at Goody’s.  I don’t buy it.  I think this calls for a rematch.

Okay sorry more Asian ideas are coming to me.  So this is about my friend Hung (also mentioned in that post previously), the Asian I have known the longest and am perhaps closest with of the three Asians (sorry JK not sure I count you as Asian – are you mixed or something?).  Anyway, not sure why I didn’t tell Hung about this blog previously, but I just mentioned it to him yesterday and he told me that he doesn’t read personal blogs.  He feels as though he is intruding on people’s lives when he reads them.  WHAT?!  I love my friends.

Oh and did you know the little sister of the three of us, Liv (actual nickname), is actually half Asian?  We think she’s the mailmans child or something.  Not sure why the heck she hasn’t come up yet in these blogs.  Perhaps cause she lives so far away (hint: move to DC).  Love ya Livvy!


3 Responses to Asian mix-up x2

  1. dgiambarresi says:

    nothing useful here…just glad to finally see another blog post…

  2. JK says:

    Whaddya mean, nothing useful, I finally made it to the blog!!! 🙂

    Sara, I am 100%, although other Asians ask if I’m mixed, even when I’m in Seoul (where I was born). Funny thing is, I’m the shortest of all my cousins who are younger than I am! It goes 172cm (me), then 185cm, 187cm, 195cm, 190cm. guess I just missed out!

    I have a funny story about a Belgian girl asking me if we were related. Look up Kwak beer if you don’t believe me!

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