Sara’s WOW

Hey guys – how was your weekend?  Halloween in DC was fun per usual, but I was just telling a co-worker that I must be getting old, as I would have preferred to be home giving candy to kids than out raging it up at a party.  Guess that’s what happens as you age.  Also, before diving into the topic at hand, I’d like to clarify something about my last Romeo post.  Yes, I am fine!  A few people have emailed me asking if I’m okay.  The intent of that post was to be funny and shed light on how ridiculous some situations I get myself into are.  I wasn’t in love with the guy nor attached to him by any stretch of the imagination.  Some things you cannot control and are just not meant to be, so you have no choice but to accept them.  So I’m good to go and moving on with my life, as I’ve learned to do countless times before.  It’s all good in the hood, but I do appreciate the concern.

Okay, topic at hand.  I have some more Words of Wisdom I’d like to lend to my readers.  Being that I work in acronyms constantly while working for the government, I figured why not provide an acronym (WOW) for my Words of Wisdom.  So, my WOW for the day is this:  some people complain about drama in their life and wonder why they are constantly surrounded by it.  But it’s really quite simple.  Life is all about choices.  If you surround yourself with drama, your life will be filled with drama.  If you choose not to be surrounded by dramatic people, your life will be more stress free.  They say you learn more about yourself and life lessons as you hit your 30’s.  I guess at least I can say that for myself now.  If the people you surround yourself with add stress to your life, you must ask yourself…is it worth it to keep them around?  You also realize who your true friends are over time.  So, as I have learned to do recently, my recommendation is that if you are looking a more stressless, drama free life – take an inventory of who and what is worth your time and who and what isn’t, then make changes based on this.  Going back to my last WOW, life is short, so cut your losses while you’re ahead.  It will simply make your life that much easier and more enjoyable.


2 Responses to Sara’s WOW

  1. JK says:

    I can’t STAND people on FB who post statuses about all the drama around their lives. I take it as, hey, woe is me, have pity on me. I’m not Jesus Christ (or whatever god they believe in), if you are having issues, then let me know directly & I’ll listen & give the best advice I can. I can understand saying something mass-wide, but constantly complaining is annoying. Ugh. People need to let the small thing slide and roll with the punches, sometimes life throws you for a loop, it’s how you deal with it that proves your character. & on that note, I am going to punch the wall for the Yankees’ loss. 😉

  2. felleepay says:

    WOW is actually widely known as World of Warcraft – it has global reach and much greater influence than even your wisdom. Just an FYI. (I am not a WOW player)

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