Some things are just too good to be true. Remember Romeo? Well, we can just add him to the break-up rolls. Another one bites the dust, as my mother loves to say. I haven’t gone into detail about him earlier because I figured things might actually work out with this one, and I actually liked him. First of all, let’s just point out that I rarely like someone and think I have a connection with them, so I was just going to roll with it. Cool. Let’s move to date 1. We go out. He tells me he has children. Twins at that. Okay, minor glitch in the potential level for him, but I can get over that. You see, when you get to a certain age, some things you just have to learn to accept if you have a connection with someone. If I was 25, sure, kids would be a problem. But when you get into your 30’s, the likelihood of someone having children and/or being divorced gets to be a bit higher. I figured as long as the person cares for the kids and tells you up front about it, you should be able to accept it. And if you love the person enough, then him already having children becomes inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Okay so that was my thinking. Then he tells me he doesn’t have a relationship with the mother of the children. Great! Then maybe I’ll give this guy a chance. Sure, he has kids (who mind you live in Europe), but he’s not “attached” to anyone, minus the fact that she is the mother of his children. While not ideal (the twins thing throws a little wrench into the equation), I figure I can get over it if I grow to like this cat a lot and I think we are moving toward something substantial.

So move on to dates 2, 3, and 4. Great. No need to go into detail, and yes the first couple dates I was still a bit iffy about him, but nonetheless, I was definitely starting to like him after date 4. When I was with him, I really didn’t feel like anything else mattered and was just enjoying the moment. Okay so maybe he seemed a bit on the dorky side and definitely not like someone I would ordinarily date as far as eccentricity level, but hey, the connection I felt would have allowed me to get over these minor issues (and the whole kids thing).

Let’s move to date 5. Actually let’s take it back to this past weekend when I met up with a friend. Granted she is younger, but she talked some sense into me and told me that I needed to ask more questions about this little “child” issue. So, that I did. Never one to hold things back (or so he said), he tells me he’s about to go on a trip to Europe, which I knew about before. However, he failed to mention before that he was going on this trip with the mother of his children. Okay, this sounds suspicious. Let me pry some more. Yes, he now tells me he’s in an “open relationship” with her. Seriously? What the hell am I doing here with you then? Just questions running through my mind as I’m sitting there talking to him. Then he tells me he didn’t think I was looking for anything serious. What in the world would give off that vibe? Do I look like someone who just wants to go whoring it up with random dudes I meet? I think not. Soon thereafter, I just got up and left. I mean, what is the point? Granted it was only five dates, but seriously people, just be straightforward about your relationship status. If you have to lie about something, clearly you shouldn’t be doing it.

Annnnnd….another one bites the dust. I am just about to throw in the towel altogether on dating. Is it that hard to find someone you want to spend significant amounts of time with and who you could potentially have a future with? Apparently, it is. So long, Romeo. Better luck next time.

2 Responses to Romeo

  1. Jen says:

    “Do I look like someone who just wants to go whoring it up with random dudes I meet? I think not.” — Awesome. I love your blog, woman!

  2. JK says:

    sorry to hear that Romeo turned out to be anything but. let’s go TP his house! and throw flaming bags of poo at his front door!

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