more morning fun

I was late to work this morning. Yes, later than my normal 10am start time. Okay fine, I got in at 10:10am, but that’s beside the point. The point is that I was late because while I was in the bathroom getting ready, I noticed some commotion in the parking lot outside my window. There were about three men kind of scoping the parking lot out, walking from a location I couldn’t see back to the entrance. Next thing I know, one of the guys extracts a shotgun from the corner of the parking lot, the corner that I can’t see. At this point, I’m ducking behind the window so they won’t look up and see me, because clearly something shady is going on. The group of men then proceed to extract the bullets out of the shotgun. Totally normal activity going on outside my window. As they are doing this, I notice that every so often they will look back to the spot where they found the shotgun, off in the corner of the parking lot that I can’t see from my bathroom window. Soon after, I see neighbors are hiding behind the fence, similar to what I’m doing, but taking pictures of the scene. They are taking pictures of what is in the corner of the parking lot. Fearing the worst, I figure it’s a dead body. I move to the living room window, and low and behold, I see a deer which was apparently thrown in the corner. But the poor thing is moving! Clearly, it is barely hanging on. How the hell did a deer get to the middle of a parking lot in the city? Obviously some a hole shot the thing, then didn’t know what to do with it, so dropped it in a parking lot in the District. All I can say is WTF. And the poor deer. Who does this happen to? The people gradually got up the nerve to pick up the deer and load it in a truck. I am guessing they are going to try to save it since they didn’t just shoot it on site. At least, I hope that is what they were doing. So folks, that is why I was late to work this morning. A random near-dead deer and shotgun were extracted from a parking lot outside my window. Totally normal.


6 Responses to more morning fun

  1. Sara says:

    thanks Mo! I thought for sure the thing was dying, but guess they had only tranquilized the little guy. Poor thing. I hope he’s okay.

  2. PDK says:

    Hi Sara,

    We (your neighbors) posted the incident on and local listserves to let people know what happened. The deer was chased into the parking lot by three men early morning yesterday. The deer crashed into the fence and attendant’s booth and may have been injured as a result. My husband asked the men to leave the deer alone and called MPD and Animal Control. We took pictures and posted them as well. Just to clarify, we weren’t hiding to take the photos, we were trying not to spook the deer. The gun was used to inject the animal with a sedative, so that Animal Control could relocate it.

    • Sara says:

      Hi neighbors – thanks for the comment. I was hoping to run into you so I could ask what had happened, but this clears it up. Do you know if the deer is okay and was returned back to his home?

  3. JK says:

    wow, your neighbours found your blog! hilarious!! 😉

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