OCD excerpt

So, occasionally I may open a door with my foot to avoid touching it.  You got a problem with that?


6 Responses to OCD excerpt

  1. JK says:

    as in, you take your foot and pull on the door handle w/ your toes? what about all the people who use the door after you?? lol

    • Sara says:

      sorry, no…that would look pretty absurd not that I don’t already. No if it’s a pushable door, sometimes I’ll just push it open with my foot. No harm to others.

  2. dgiambarresi says:

    i saw you duck around a port-a-potty door this weekend! it was hysterical!!!!!!

  3. JK says:

    hahaha that’s a good point, what do you do at stadiums and concerts??

    • Sara says:

      what do you mean? I usually will just use the paper towel from the bathroom to open the door if it’s not a pushable one. I do that at work too. Pure brilliance.

  4. H1Nothankyou says:

    no worries there, i use any non-hand limbs to parts of limbs available from wrists, elbows to front deltoids depending on seasonal wardrobe, type of door and what im carrying.

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