Man, I must be getting old.  Just within the past hour, I have been called “ma’am” twice.  I was in line at Potbelly’s and got “what are you having ma’am?”  Then walking back into the building, my badge didn’t register at security, so “can you swipe your badge again for me ma’am?”  I wouldn’t have minded this term earlier but for the fact that one of my friends recently made a comment about the use of the word and asked whether or not it made me feel old.  Now everytime I hear it, I cringe a little inside.  Is “miss” a better option?  Probably.  I may just test out different outfits and hairstyles and see which ones garner a “ma’am” and which garner a “miss.”  Come to think of it, last night I didn’t get carded at the bar.  Things are not looking good.


One Response to aging

  1. Joe, your ex-cube neighbor says:

    I can totally relate. I HATE being called ma’am and have concluded that I wish people would just skip the title thing altogether. “What the hell do you want to eat” and “can you please swipe your fucking badge again?” are clear and there really isn’t any need to say ma’am, miss, or sir.

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