I have nothing to blog about

Sorry guys – nothing funny is coming to mind to blog about as of late.  Cube guy isn’t here, so obviously I am lacking in material at the moment.  Maybe next week….about him I mean.  Another topic has GOT to come to mind shortly.  I mean, what have I been doing the past few days, not making fun of myself and not laughing at anything?  Doubtful.  Next idea that pops into my head, you will be the first to know.

Oh…I have something.  Weds night guy is now going to be called Romeo.  Only because I am going to continue to see him, at least for the time being cause things aren’t going too poorly.  The name switch is occurring because I told Laura that he writes poetry (random I know), and immediately she starts calling him Romeo.  What would I do without Laura nicknaming all the important and not so important people in my life?  I just called him Weds night guy before because that was the guy I went out with on Weds night (do you see the relevance?) that week when I had two dates.  So really that was kind of insignificant.  Romeo is a bit more catchy so we are going to go with that.


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