I hate dating!!!

So I’m out at Marvin Friday night, and I run into my ex.  Wonderful.  I haven’t seen him in a couple of months, which would be no big deal except that everytime I run into him, I feel that I’m starting all over again in terms of getting over him.  This is not really good news for me now that I’m starting to get back out on the dating scene.  Like, did he know that I’m starting to date so fate has us run into each other?  Am I not meant to ever settle down?  Probably.   Which brings us to Saturday night.  We’re out at Pete’s surprise bday party (which was awesome btw!!!), and I get a text from the ex saying that the girl who he dated after me was sitting at the table right next to us the whole time.  Why didn’t the girl say something to me?  Is she stalking me?  I don’t understand.  Apparently she broke it off with him because he wouldn’t stop talking about me.  Like seriously is he insane?  Did I teach him nothing when we dated for 3 years?  Clearly not.  Talking about your ex is something you just do not do.  And I’m sure he did talk about me all the time…because I’m awesome.  So I’m just out on date #3 with the Weds night guy (see previous posts).  I know the place we are at is a place the ex used to frequent so I do a quick look around and see nothing thinking the coast is clear.  I mean, what are the chances he’d be there anyway?  Then – WHAM.  There he is sitting at the bar with some chick, clearly on a date.  I mean, is this shit for real?  Why am I seeing him everywhere now??!!!  I don’t see him for months and then all of a sudden twice in one weekend, plus the psycho stalker girl sees me?  All I ask is that I don’t get sucked back into his quagmire of insanity.  Because his shit was seriously insane.  Can I just meet, and actually like a nice, normal guy in this lifetime?  This is all I ask people!  It would be nice if I had some desire to date.  But I really don’t…it really is like pulling teeth getting me to actually go out with some of these people.  I’d rather be home being “productive” (aka facebooking) or hanging with my friends.  And I’m sure running into the ex repeatedly isn’t going to help my cause.


6 Responses to I hate dating!!!

  1. dgiambarresi says:

    eff the a-hole! dood sucks…only thing he has going for him is his name 🙂

  2. Margo says:

    I could have done without the “pulling teeth” comment, thank you very much.

  3. Jen says:

    love the tag “weds night guy”

  4. Birthday Pete says:

    Thanks again for the B-day Bash…Can we re-do it? Seriously, Awesome!!!

    And i hear you on the dating…i feel like it’s a make-believe thing that only happens in sit-coms.

  5. dwheeler says:

    Is this the same guy that walked out of his way home from work to walk past your apt when you first moved in?

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