the benefits of being a hypochondriac

Some (my sister) would say that I’m a bit of a hypochondriac.  I must argue that I’m much better than I used to be.  I may freak out about some things, but at least I research the options of what it could be first before making it public that I’m freaking out.  Thus, I don’t look too foolish when I am right.  What I do is simple: research what the ailment is based on the symptoms, often coming to the correct conclusion myself and no longer requiring a doctor’s visit to get to the bottom of it.  I can even diagnose other people’s symptoms, based on a simple, indepth screening and history.  I really should consider becoming a doctor.

So the recent issue – my neck.  Sometimes it will randomly hurt when I turn my head, and I mean…like can’t move it, feel like my head is going to snap off hurt.  I had no idea what this could have been from, but then yesterday at the gym – it hit me.  It’s from freaking wakeboarding Labor Day weekend.  What leads me to this conclusion is that I faceplanted at one point, causing me to be totally discombobulated (more so than usual that is), flinging my head back, and knocking the breathe out of me.  I remember telling Dave the next morning that my neck was killing me, and he suggested that I had slept on it wrong.  False.  I faceplanted and gave myself whiplash, which seems pretty much in character as something that would happen to me.  That was just an all around successful weekend for Sara (friends, you know what I am referring to here).

Speaking of being a hypocondriac, this discussion reminds me of the most recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode (the Seinfeld Reunion).  Does anyone watch this?  Hilarity.  Larry diagnoses Susie’s illness as lyme disease after she mentions she was frolicking around in some grass and lists her symptoms.  She asks how he knows this and he responds, “well, I’m a hypochondriac.”  I looked for that scene but couldn’t find it, but  below is the result.  If you don’t already watch this show, you need to.  Good stuff.

Can’t say I’ve saved any lives yet, but my friends should be thanking me for this free care I’m dishing out.  Blogging and medical researching.  I should really consider a career change.


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