Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to Sara’s first live blog.  We can all thank my friend Dave for setting me up with this, unwillingly.  Sort of like they did with another friend’s facebook account.  And now he’s addicted, so I’m sure the same will happen to me.  I definitely need more things to keep me preoccupied from doing work too.  I am so getting fired.  Anyway, I’m not really sure what I’ll have to say on here, but there have been a few requests to blog since my myspace blogs back in the day were such a hit (i.e. requests from my sister and Dave).  So, here I am.  Please stay tuned for more of “A Day in the Life of Sara,” sure to be entertainment for all.


One Response to Hello and welcome

  1. anonymous says:

    I still remember a Myspace blog of yours in which you complained about the grossness of finding shrimp in your sandwich at work. I remember thinking, oh no, I was the one that ordered that sandwich! I hope to continue to contribute to your blogging in the future 🙂

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